Activity: Poimec is a company engaged in the design and manufacture of plastic and metal components to be applied in high–tech systems for the automotive, appliance and industrial market segments. The entire product cycle takes place within the company: from the study of detail in equipment production, the control gauges, the assembly equipment up to the stamping, molding, co-molding and then to final quality control processes.
The Company designs and manufactures dies, molds and assembly machines. Poimec can produce small and big batches of products, assuring the reliability requested by markets and maintaining the right level of competitiveness.

History: Poimec began its activities in 1955 in Poirino, a town in the area of Turin. The name indicates the pride of belonging to a region that strongly contributed to the mechanical industry growth of Italy. (POIMEC = POIrino MECcanica). From the beginning, it became a specialist in the manufacturing of small metal components produced by Bihler and stamping processes. In the course of its history, Poimec has developed a solid know-how in the production of precision technical parts in plastic and metal, covering the entire production cycle: from the design of molds and assembly units to their realization, from the production of components to their packing and distribution. Today, our slogan is: “More difficult? More challenging!". Poimec operations activities take place in Moncalieri (close to Turin), in an integrated plant which covers a surface of 4000sqm ensuring a rational, lean and well organized material flow.

Markets: the major markets served by Poimec are: Automotive, Appliance, Industrial.

Mission: to motivate our Customer to choose Poimec as the preferred supplier of technical components of small precision parts in metal and plastic, contributing to Customer competitiveness and allowing Poimec to grow profitably.

Values: Customer satisfaction, reliability in production and delivery, strict respect of safety and environment, process innovation, use of qualified suppliers, involvement of all our people considered the main resource of the Company: these are the main values which inspire every employee of Poimec in the realization of their daily activities.

Via F.lli Ceirano, 20 - 10024 Moncalieri (TO) Italy - TEL +39 011 6474449 - PEC - P.IVA 01700430018