Our metrology laboratory is equipped with the most modern control tools for the measurement of the products in our own plants. They are used in the approval stage of new products, in the PPAP steps required by Customers, but also during the phase of the production process to verify the characteristics reported in the control plans. They allow us to handle X-R cards in order to keep under control the manufacturing processes and to assure the highest professional standards.

We have an OPG machine (Smart Scope MVP), a Keyence (IM 6120) optical control unit used to manage X-R cards, an optical microscope (Leica EZ4W), a durometer, a profiles projector, some electronic dynamometers for tensile tests.


Poimec has always considered strategic for its organization to achieve quality system certification: the first one (AVSQ 94) was achieved in 2003 and today we are certified as per IATF 16949.


The Company Quality Policy is available for download in the following document.

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